Handmade Belts


At The Walk you can order a belt that matches the leather of your shoes. 
The lining is made from smooth natural calf leather and the buckles are made of solid brass.
The belts can be cut to your preferred length and we will give you a few buckles so that you can mix & match


Customising options:

Beige Suede 1Beige Suede 1Beige suede leatherBeige suede leatherBlack Patent leatherBlack Patent leatherBLACK SOFT CALF 1BLACK SOFT CALF 1Blue Suede LeatherBlue Suede LeatherBrown CalfBrown CalfBROWN CALF 1BROWN CALF 1Brown CoffeeBrown CoffeeBROWN COFFEE 1BROWN COFFEE 1BROWN COFFEE 3BROWN COFFEE 3Brown SuedeBrown SuedeBrown Suede 1Brown Suede 1Burgundy 1Burgundy 1Cognac 1Cognac 1Cow Nappa BrownCow Nappa BrownCow Nappa Brown 1Cow Nappa Brown 1ENGLISH BURNISH CALF TANENGLISH BURNISH CALF TANENGLISH CALF BLACKENGLISH CALF BLACKENGLISH CALF BLACK 2ENGLISH CALF BLACK 2English calf black 4English calf black 4Old english 1Old english 1
Brass copperBrass copperBrass silverBrass silver
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Beige Suede 1, Beige suede leather, Black Patent leather, BLACK SOFT CALF 1, Blue Suede Leather, Brown Calf, BROWN CALF 1, Brown Coffee, BROWN COFFEE 1, BROWN COFFEE 3, Brown Suede, Brown Suede 1, Burgundy 1, Cognac 1, Cow Nappa Brown, Cow Nappa Brown 1, ENGLISH BURNISH CALF TAN, ENGLISH CALF BLACK, ENGLISH CALF BLACK 2, English calf black 4, Old english 1


Brass copper, Brass silver